venerdì 22 aprile 2011

The Origin EP OUT NOW on Beatport!

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About The Origin EP

Juho Kahilainen:
Beautiful stuff. I'm delighted to hear a track like "The Origin". It's calm, deep and you still sense the danger.
The Second Emotion" is something I can use when deejaying. It's lighter than most of the stuff on Prologue, but I would call it progression.
There are a lot of labels releasing plain techno at the moment - this kind of hi-fi sound you don't come across that often. A lot of sophisticated layers and almost subliminal little details.
I really love this!!!  wow!  can't wait to play them.
deep & beautiful

Dave Twoney:
Woah... youre getting really into the spacey sound huh! well, this is very cool... not sure if I will play but think I might use the A1 for new podcast. maybe.
Claudio PRC:
Is simply amazing, finally is what I looking for in music! Intelligent Techno with strong concept, the music is really fascinating and the duo look really strong! A great pearl for contemporary music!
Another wonderful release from Prologue! The second emotion is my peak! 
Tommy for seven:
The two ambient tracks will work well, both at home at for me sets!

This is an EP which grows track by track. 'The Second Emotion' is solid, but it feels a bit too much like Monolake (circa 'Cinemascope'). 'The Orgin' is stronger, but it is the soundscape version that is the real standout of this EP. A powerful, spacious track that demands attention. Inspired stuff. Chris / MNML SSGS
Cio D´Or / Prologue
What I miss in lots of Technoproductions to these times is: Emotion.
So I am more thankful that this record reached me. “The Second Emotion” is touching me & 
the other 2 tracks are very nice soundscapes for special moments. 
Very nice work, deep and sofisticated. Will play track 3 but track 1 is quite awesome!

Playing it a lot... yesterday it was great playing it at Dystopian...

Thanks a lot to ALL!

giovedì 14 aprile 2011

From dark beaches of Uranus to Prologue: message##1

Unreleased ideas direct from Notfromearth's studio!
We are very happy to share a very special podcast.
This podcast shows a studio live session with some ideas for uncoming releases + some other releases!
We really love this podcast and, of course, its for free!

This podcast provides live ideas from Notfromearth for possible upcoming Prologue releases.
Thank you for download and listening and if you like you can help us to promote so far you like it.

Download here!

From the dark beaches of Uranus to Prologue - Notfromearth - Message##1

[1]    Live Ideas 1 - Notfromearth  - Prologue 
[2]    Galaktian - Persor - Sutemos
[3]    Digitalis - Monolake - Imbalance Computer Music
[4]    Live Ideas 2 - Notfromearth  - Prologue
[5]    Live Ideas 3 - Notfromearth  - Prologue
[6]    Live Ideas 4 - Notfromearth  - Prologue
[7]    853 - Sraunus - Sutemos
[8]    Live Ideas 5 - Notfromearth  - Prologue
[9]    Live Ideas 6 - Notfromearth  - Prologue
[10]  Live Ideas 7 - Notfromearth  - Prologue
[11]  Dried flowers mirrored world - Sabi - Sutemos
[12]  Im Herbs - Sraunus - Sutemos
[13]  Live Ideas 8 - Notfromearth  - Prologue